Thorncliffe School - Edmonton, Alberta

Thorncliffe School

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Our student population predominantly comes from low income homes where literacy is not a priority. Through the experiences we provide in the school, we strive to build a climate of literacy in everything we do. Key to establishing a love of literacy in our students is to have current books that appeal to our young, hip kids. Graphic novels in particular are devoured by our students as are other popular series. Due to transiency of our population, it is hard to maintain our collection as students move suddenly or are divided between homes because of parenting order. With a small school population and budget, we have frequently relied on community donations to keep our library collection current, but with the current economic situation, that has been significantly impacted.



Sep 26, 2021
Alberta, Canada


Sep 25, 2021
Alberta, Canada

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Thorncliffe School - Edmonton, Alberta

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