šxʷwəq̓ʷəθət Crosstown - Vancouver, British Columbia

šxʷwəq̓ʷəθət Crosstown

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šxʷwəq̓ʷəθət Crosstown is a vibrant, new and rapidly growing public elementary school located in the heart of Vancouver. Our school sits near the intersection of Chinatown, the Downtown Eastside and Yaletown neighbourhoods. Many of our families are new to Canada and come from a variety of places in the world. There is a high degree of linguistic diversity at our school, with more than thirty different home languages spoken. In addition, we have students from several different First Nations. Approximately 7% of our students have a provincially designated special need.

We opened to a full Kindergarten to Grade Seven population in September 2017. Since that time, we have increased our enrolment each year, going from 230 students to a projected enrolment of 430 in September 2021. This rapid growth has made it very challenging for our library learning commons and our classroom libraries to keep pace. In addition to the usual need to keep current, particularly in the areas of books by Indigenous and diverse authors, non-fiction books about anti-racism, we face the additional challenge of simply needed more and more books of all types for the increasing number of students.


“Exciting! I hope we can reach our goal :)”


Eli Puterman
Sep 20, 2021
British Columbia, Canada


Ellen Heaney
Sep 14, 2021
British Columbia, Canada

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šxʷwəq̓ʷəθət Crosstown - Vancouver, British Columbia

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