Spruce Home Public School - Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

Spruce Home Public School

Adopted by: Indigo Centre at Circle and Eighth  

We are not a wealthy community and far too often books and reading fall by the wayside. While almost every parent and many of their children have at least one electronic device, books are not as prevalent as we would like them to be. Social media and video games seem to have replaced the simple and enjoyable act of reading. We do what we can with our limited resources. We are hoping to have the opportunity to upgrade our library in a way that will appeal to all children and their families so that they may be engaged in and entertained by something other than electronics. When a student discovers a book they enjoy, they can be encouraged to seek more and that is where we know our library can make a difference.


“In support of Hannah and Scarlette's School”


Amanda Lofstrom
Sep 26, 2021
Saskatchewan, Canada


Carol Ann Short
Sep 22, 2021
Saskatchewan, Canada


Sep 13, 2021
Saskatchewan, Canada

“Spruce Home School will always have my heart ❤!”


Letendre Family
Sep 13, 2021
Saskatchewan, Canada

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Spruce Home Public School - Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

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