Regency Acres P.S. - Aurora, Ontario

Regency Acres P.S.

Adopted by: Coles Fairview Mall  

At Regency, we serve a diverse community. We have students who identify as low-socio economic, Indiginous, LGBTQ+, black and a growing population of new Canadians who fall under the ELL umbrella. During online learning, we've relied heavily on online book resources as many of our families have very few if any books at home. We do have some families who are financially established and about 30% of our population contributes to 80+% of our fundraising efforts. 

We have begun to develop our library with better tech, STEM activities and books the reflect the diversity of our school - including duo language books, family units, a focus on characters that look like our students and books that serve our austism programs.


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Regency Acres P.S. - Aurora, Ontario

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