Queneesh Elementary School - Courtenay, British Columbia

Queneesh Elementary School

Adopted by: Coles Driftwood Mall  

Due to the socio-economic status of many of our students, we are seeing a decline in literacy. Many of these students live in an environment where they don't have access to good quality books at their reading level. At Queneesh, we are trying to provide home reading materials, as well as a library full of books that generate excitement about learning to read. The average age of our collection at Queneesh is 19 years old. We are slowly trying to weed our older titles and replace them with newer, exciting materials. Our fiction section makes up 21% of our collection, while our non-fiction makes up 35% of our collection. We would like to increase our fiction materials. We also need more chapter books that are suitable for our grade 6's and 7's. Our classroom libraries are also in need of updated materials.



Jacklyn Szabo
Sep 27, 2021
British Columbia, Canada


Sep 25, 2021
British Columbia, Canada


Emily Yewchuk
Sep 24, 2021
British Columbia, Canada


Freya Nichol
Sep 24, 2021
British Columbia, Canada


Deb Gardner
Sep 23, 2021
British Columbia, Canada

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Queneesh Elementary School - Courtenay, British Columbia

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