Noel Booth Elementary - Langley, British Columbia

Noel Booth Elementary

Adopted by: Chapters Coquitlam  

Noel Booth Elementary relies heavily on PAC (Parent Advisory Council) donations and book fair profits for our book budget. (These two sources provide 75% of our funding.) This year, due to Covid restrictions, the PAC was unable to do much of their usual fundraising and we were also unable to hold an in-person book fair. Our virtual book fair was not as successful as we'd hoped, which has made it more challenging to continue to maintain and update the collection as we would have in other years.  

After schools moved to a hybrid learning model, we noticed a significant drop in student reading levels when in-person learning resumed, more than would be expected due to “summer lag”. We would like to come back strong with as many literacy supports as we can offer to our student population, including a strong collection of rich and engaging books at all reading levels.



andeep dhami
Sep 22, 2021
British Columbia, Canada


Krista Ranta
Sep 16, 2021
British Columbia, Canada


Tara Doyle
Sep 15, 2021
British Columbia, Canada


Erin Bainbridge
Sep 14, 2021
Texas, United States


Kaitlin Wake
Sep 10, 2021
British Columbia, Canada

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Noel Booth Elementary - Langley, British Columbia

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