Lundar Early Years School - Lundar, Manitoba

Lundar Early Years School

Adopted by: Coles Kildonan Place  

We are a small school in a rural village where books can offer an escape for some, and a learning experience for others! Reading enables our children to learn about the different experiences outside of our small community that they may otherwise never encounter. Often newcomers are welcomed with warmth and curiosity, but also a lack of understanding of their cultures, mannerisms, clothing, traditions, etc. We need more books on inclusivity. We need to purchase books that reflect our students that come from different walks of life, to teach our kids about diversity, social emotional matters, and encourage their love of reading! We also hope to make each newcomer feel as though they haven't lost part of their identity by coming to a new place, we want them to feel heard. In our ever-changing world where technology is rapidly evolving, reading is often something that's a forgotten treasure. As adults we recognize the harm, and sadness in this. We would love to reintroduce our future generations with books that they can relate to, feel seen by, and develop/refine the skills that are being lost.



Lauren Paslawsky
Sep 21, 2021
Manitoba, Canada


Andrea Armstrong
Sep 15, 2021
Ontario, Canada


Halli Monkman
Sep 15, 2021
Manitoba, Canada

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Lundar Early Years School - Lundar, Manitoba

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