Logan Lake Elementary School - Logan Lake, British Columbia

Logan Lake Elementary School

Adopted by: Chapters Kamloops  

Logan Lake is a very small, rural community and we struggle to access reading material and up-to-date resources as quickly as our urban counterparts. We have a very small library budget as our enrollment is lower than most "in town" schools. In our community we actually have two schools, Logan Lake Elementary (K-4) and Logan Lake Elementary-Secondary School (5-12) that are combined with several common staff members. We are unique in that our Principal, Vice Principal, Librarian and a few other staff support both buildings. We typically draw many low SES students as well as the common issue of transiency of students. We have diverse needs and are always looking for new and exciting books, resources and programs to support our ever changing needs. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic we have not been able to access our local TNR Library and book circulation within our school has been decreased as well. It is common for our staff to have to work a little harder to keep our students at par with larger, in town schools as far as resources go. We really need the extra support to provide our students with a thorough reading experience.


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Logan Lake Elementary School - Logan Lake, British Columbia

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