Locke's Public School - St Thomas, Ontario

Locke's Public School

Adopted by: Coles Elgin Centre  

Books provide a wonderful opportunity for children to connect with their parents and other children, helps develop listening and comprehension skills, expands their vocabulary, increase attention span, open their minds to a world of creativity, provide an opportunity to talk about real-world situations and help them cope with difficult or stressful experiences. As in most schools during COVID-19, we, at Locke’s, have been significantly impacted in many areas, not the least of which has been reading. Educational expert (George Georgiou, educational professor at University of Alberta) suggests that school closures have put young, struggling readers (grades 1-3) further behind in their reading skills. COVID-19 has seriously impacted our youngest, struggling readers, as they have not had the benefit of a one-on-one reading partnership. These funds will allow us to purchase specific reading materials to help assist our youngest, struggling readers.



Sep 25, 2021
Ontario, Canada


Kim Gleeson
Sep 23, 2021
Ontario, Canada

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Locke's Public School - St Thomas, Ontario

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