Lake Lenore School - Lake Lenore, Saskatchewan

Lake Lenore School

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Of course reading and literacy have always been at the forefront in our school. This year, however, we are seeing even a greater need to get books in the hands of our kids. Since many extra-curricular activities have been put on hold this year, students have much more time on their hands outside of school. We see this as a great opportunity to help kids fall in love with books. Of course, our biggest obstacle is always funding. Purchasing within our allocated budget does not allow much wiggle room for extracurricular reading. Most of the funds are focused on curriculum based resources. Although these items are important, they are not what kids want to read in their spare time. We would like to purchase "fun" reading material that we can send home with our students; books they will have to be told to "put down", rather than being forced to "pick up".



Sharon Cleveland
Sep 21, 2021
Saskatchewan, Canada

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Lake Lenore School - Lake Lenore, Saskatchewan

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