Killarney Junior High School - Edmonton, Alberta

Killarney Junior High School

Adopted by: Indigo North Town Centre  

We want to help our school continue on a path to raising our school literacy levels. As a whole, our school has very low literacy levels as the majority of our students are either newcomers/refugees to Canada, are learning English as an additional language, or have a tough situation at home that prevents them access to books. With the pandemic, this gap has only widened. The lack of literacy skills have bled over to other subjects making online learning very difficult due to a language and reading barrier.

Our school is an Arabic bilingual, and the majority of our students are middle eastern. Especially with what is happening in Palestine right now, our 7s and 8s are particularly interested in anti-racism, activism, and more. Having resources to inspire them in the form of a book would be incredibly empowering.



Sep 25, 2021
Alberta, Canada

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Killarney Junior High School - Edmonton, Alberta

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