Kenner Intermediate - Peterborough, Ontario

Kenner Intermediate

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This year, more than any other has highlighted the need for rich, engaging resources to support our teachers and students in their programming and learning. Our students come from very diverse backgrounds ranging from immigrant families/ English Language Learners (ELL), Indigenous families, families of low socioeconomic status, LGBTQ2+ families, and a range of others. Our school is also home to a Learning and Life Skills class (LLS), which is comprised of students who function intellectually at the 1st and 2nd percentile and may have significant medication needs. At Kenner Intermediate, we endeavour to ensure that all families have identity-affirming experiences in our building, however, this is often limited by our school budget. We have been slowly enhancing our library collection with popular stories like Indian Horse, but still have a long way to go to have a strong collection of literature that reflects the diverse backgrounds and experiences of all of our students. Each year, we designate a percentage of our budget towards building our library collection, but with the slow progress we have made, the Adopt a School funding will provide us with some much-needed excitement and momentum, especially as we bring out students back into the school building this fall and attempt to close literacy gaps as we move beyond the pandemic.



Laura Barraco
Sep 16, 2021
Ontario, Canada

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Kenner Intermediate - Peterborough, Ontario

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