Grey Mountain Primary School - Whitehorse, Yukon

Grey Mountain Primary School 

Adopted by: Coles Chilkoot Centre Shopping Mall  

Being the only primary school in Whitehorse allows us to be involved in creating readers at a very young age and to nurture that skill for further years. As with most of the world during the pandemic, it was very difficult to ensure reading and literacy programs were effective during the online and lockdown times. Being back in face-to-face classes after this time away has made us aware of the challenges that faced students while at home. This funding would enable our school to gain the resources to be able to increase the capability of those students who require extra support.


“Happy reading!”


Sheri Hinton
Sep 24, 2021
Ontario, Canada


Emily Faulkner
Sep 20, 2021
Quebec, Canada


Andrea Armstrong
Sep 15, 2021
Ontario, Canada

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Grey Mountain Primary School - Whitehorse, Yukon

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