Evergreen Park School - Moncton, New Brunswick

Evergreen Park School

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Our school has recently changed from a K-8 school to a K-5 and our plans were to build up the grade 3-5 book section. Our library is very well utilized serving 38 classes per week. In order to keep up to date with popular and relevant books we require additional funding.

Additionally, our school library was vandalized in August 2020. Our complete K-2 section of books had to be destroyed due to broken glass and debris. A book drive and fundraiser helped us replenish a percentage of our lost stock. Having to replace our K-2 section meant that we were unable to forge ahead with our plans to update the rest of our library collection.



Heather McCallum
Sep 19, 2021
New Brunswick, Canada


Shelagh Fowler
Sep 15, 2021
New Brunswick, Canada

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Evergreen Park School - Moncton, New Brunswick

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