Edith Rogers Junior High - Edmonton, Alberta

Edith Rogers Junior High

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The students and staff at Edith Rogers are a diverse group of individuals with different backgrounds, experiences, and cultures. Our school culture is dedicated to supporting and embracing the various needs of our students. To support our diverse needs, we encourage active participation and engagement in various groups, activities and opportunities. Such as, GSA, leadership club, Indigenous initiatives, Newcomer events, book club and many others. To support all these initiatives, it has been difficult to have resources and literature that are current and varied in perspective. School funding is unsustainable and varies year to year. Our students deserve to have books that represent their interests and needs. They need to see themselves in books, need to see the world beyond the school walls and they need books that are new and relevant.


“I loved book club in school hopefully this is the start of something great!”


Thadora Ruys
Sep 16, 2021
Alberta, Canada

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Edith Rogers Junior High - Edmonton, Alberta

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