Crossing Park School - Calgary, Alberta

Crossing Park School

Adopted by: Indigospirit TD Square  

Covid has taken a large toll on our students and school. Having resources that meets the needs of our large and varied demographic has been extremely difficult. With schools closing abruptly at the end of the last school year, many library books that were signed out by students were lost and we were unable to replace them. We lost over $2000 worth of books. Being able to update the collection and stocked with titles that will engage our students and give them something to look forward to will help boost student morale. The students miss the hustle and bustle of the library. Library on a cart and virtual readalouds have helped but is not the same.



Sep 25, 2021
Alberta, Canada


Jean Curtis
Sep 15, 2021
Alberta, Canada

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Crossing Park School - Calgary, Alberta

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