Black River Anishinabe School - O'Hanly, Manitoba

Black River Anishinabe School

Adopted by: Coles Eglinton Square & Chapters Polo Festival

I have only been at this school for 2 years but I see the need to put good books in the hands of students. Most of the students don't have books in their homes to read and students are struggling at school. Part of my book budget is being used to buy ebooks and audio books. These don't work for my students because we have a very spotty, unreliable internet connection. Somedays as staff it is hard to download anything. If there is an abundance of books that the students enjoy reading I feel that is a very big first step. We need to connect with the students where they are at. I would also like to use some of the books as prizes as incentives to read more.



Sep 25, 2021
Ontario, Canada

“Education is the new buffalo!”


Marina Wolfe
Sep 19, 2021
Alberta, Canada


Sep 17, 2021
Manitoba, Canada

“Nothing in the world better than reading”


Ed Fortune
Sep 13, 2021


Sep 13, 2021
Arizona, United States

“Books are so good!”


Ben Hamill
Sep 13, 2021
Texas, United States

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Black River Anishinabe School - O'Hanly, Manitoba

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